There are three essentials of life. This will be Food, Clothing, and Shelter. If you don’t have these essentials, then life will be unsustainable. For food, I am talking of food for nutritional value. I am not referring to candy, and cookies. If you are having a hard time getting food, you should not be getting junk food. Clothing is clothing that would keep you decent, and warm in the winter. If you are having a hard time getting essential clothing, then you shouldn’t be considering those $300 pair of sneakers. Shelter includes a roof over your head, and utilities needed for modern society.

If you are having trouble with the essentials, you should call 211. The agency that will answer will likely have resources to help you out. You should also consider Section-8 and a Lifeline wireless provider. Section-8 will provide you with rental assistance, and Lifeline will provide you with basic phone service. If you are homeless, then hard part will be charging the phone nightly. If you are going to a homeless shelter, then you might be able to ask them to charge your phone. Just make sure the phone is secured.