Making Ends Meet?

I will admit, it is not easy. However, with all of the resources you qualify for, it is possible. You will have to give up on some creature comforts to accomplish this. Assuming you have $943, it is not going to be easy. Hopefully, this page will help a little.


You must budget. If you don’t budget, you have no way of knowing where your money is going to. You have enough money assuming you got all of the resources you qualify for, you just have to know where it’s going. Some things you might be wasting your money on will include cable TV, alcohol, cigarettes/vaping, gambling, and recreational drugs. If you are doing any of these things, then you need to stop. This is because you are spending money on things you can’t afford.

Reduce Costs

Once you cut out all of the unhealthy things that is eating your money up, you now need to see where you can reduce your costs. If you find you are spending too much on food, maybe consider store brand or generic foods. Unless you have an ultra-sensitive pallet in your mouth, you are unlikely to notice the difference. Therefore, the lessor quality taste is likely your imagination.

Now, there are some consumables you have to go through. If you are like me, and you shave – consider better shaving options. I use a Leaf Razor which has a pivoting head, and uses about 15¢ per week in razors. Even if you were to use one time use razors, and shaved three times a week, you could eventually make out on top, and have better quality. I personally use Astra Premium Razors which is $10/100 count of double-edge razors. Since the more expensive Leaf Razor uses 3 half double-edge razors, you would get a week’s worth of shave on three half blades.

Another option is if you have access to public transit, consider that. It might be cheaper to use public transit more so even if you have a car. Driving your car not only costs in gas, but wear and tear on your car too. I am not saying get rid of the car, but use the car only when you have to.

Don’t Borrow

One of the things I would recommend that you do is save money. First, have $1,000 for an emergency fund. An emergency is “An unexpected occurrence that needs to be addressed immediately“. If you should have to use your emergency fund, then refund it as quickly as possible. Non-emergencies such as a new phone can be saved for, and paid with cash.

Get Discounts Where Possible

Some companies might give you discounts if you pay a certain amount up front. Do not sign contracts. One example of this will be your cellular phone. If you have good T-Mobile coverage, consider using Mint Mobile. You can sign up for a year of service, and while that is a big hit to take at one time, it is worth it. The cheapest plan is $180/year+taxes/fees. This comes to $20/month if you save for next year, and that plan will give you 5GB per month.