This is the most expensive option. It doesn’t matter if you claim to need a car, it is still the most expensive option. You have a couple of choices. The first is a ride share program. This will include services such as Lyft, and Uber. You could also add taxi to this option as well. A ride share is good if you are using it infrequently. However, you could be paying a hefty price for the ride share.

The second option is to own your own vehicle. If you would have to ride in an automobile regularly, then this will be cheaper than ride share. However, this is still expensive. You would not only have to account for fuel, but registration stickers, license plate, insurance, and maintenance. This could add up quickly.

What I Do

In most cases, I ride buses. However, when I expect to have a lot of groceries, or can not rely on public transit, I will ask a friend that has an automobile to give me a ride. In return, I would give her money. This solution works well enough, but I still rely on public transit.