SNAP is the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. The key word to that is assistance. It is not meant to cover all of your food needs, but assist in providing some relief. A formula for the national average of food spending is $175 + $125/person. This means a single person will need $300 in food while a couple will need $425. You would want to use your SNAP benefits for nutritional food only. Yes, you can run out and buy candy and soda pop with your SNAP, but should you? Consider using your SNAP benefits first, then your cash from your SSI. Again, keep in mind, it is to assist you.

On another note, you could also apply to food banks. This resource can be used within the conditions of the bank you go to. However, no matter how many times you can go in a month, expect a few days worth of food per week. You also may not get what you want, but you would likely get what you need.

What I Do

I use my SNAP before spending my cash. I also stay to staple basics. I would usually buy microwave meals, and maybe once a week – treat myself to a fast food place which I pay cash for. Once my SNAP is spent off, I may cut back as I would now spend cash. I would still get the same I have – but try to get enough to cover the rest of the month.

I do not go to food banks, as they are not easy to get to, and standing in line will be too painful for my ankles (disability). With that in mind, I rely exclusively on SNAP and cash for my food.