If you are living in an apartment, you likely don’t have a water bill. However, if you own or rent a house, you would definitely have a water bill. Again, check with the utility provider to see if there are any low income programs. Also, if the water company charges your water in bulks, keep an eye on how much water you use. It would be a shame if you went 1 gallon over the bulk increment and have to be charged for another bulk just because of 1 gallon. Consider getting one gallon jugs. You can do this when you used up milk or iced tea. Fill these jugs with water, and place them in the refrigerator. This will allow you to have cold water on demand. This will also mean you’re not running cold water out of the faucet, and wasting water.

What I Do

As with electricity and gas, my water is included. If you are living in an apartment building, then you are likely to have your water included. Even then, you want to use common sense practices and act as if you have to pay water. The reason why, is if your water bill is too high that the landlord will not make a suitable profit, he might have you leave. If you conserve your water, then he will likely keep you. And yes, I use conservation practices in my apartment.