Internet is a hard one. There are many broadband providers across the US, and many places only has one provider making having choices impossible. Here is the thing, if you live by yourself, you likely would only need a 15/3 MBPS connection. You do not need to stream in 4K as many devices don’t support 4K. Keep in mind you are on a limited income, and buying a $2,000 TV is probably not the best way to spend your money. Of course, the ISP will try to upsell you, but as mentioned already – you just need a 15/3 MBPS connection.

On one note, if you are Comcast’s area of service, and you hadn’t had Internet from them in 3 months, you might qualify for theirĀ Internet Essentials program. This will give you a sufficient speed for $10/month. The only issues I have with them is you have to use their inferior modem/router, and they limit your service to just 1.2TB. I have yet to receive warning messages, but I don’t stream videos all day long neither.

What I Do

As mentioned, I use Comcast Internet Essentials program. I pay $10/month, and have to use their inferior devices. However, $10/month is something worth tolerating their devices. Needless to say, if they ever allow their Internet Essentials customers to use their own modem/router – I will take that option in a minute.