Gas is used for cooking, heating, and hot water. I would consider gas as an obsolete utility as you can do all of this with electricity. However, especially in older buildings – gas is used for these roles. Let’s first address cooking. If you are like me, and not much of a cook – I would consider getting microwave meals. Assuming you have a 1000+ watt oven, your food will come out fine. This will of course push your cooking to your electric bill, but it might be cheaper this way. As for heating – in the winter, wear layers. If you like to walk in your space butt naked, this maybe something that should be advised against in the Winter. You would still have to use heating though. In such regards, set your thermostat to as cool as tolerable. This will mean the furnace will work less, and therefore keep your bill as low as possible. In regards to hot water, use this sparingly. Also, consider setting the temperature of the hot water to as hot as tolerable. If you can only handle 80°F for hot water, then set your temperature for 80°F. This will allow you to use hot water that you can tolerate without having to add cold water. If you have to add cold water, you are wasting the energy for making hot water.

What I Do

As with my electricity, and water, my gas is included. However, my stove is electric, and they have some control over the heat. I would guess everything here has been moved to electricity which validates my presumption that gas should be considered as an obsolete utility.